by Maya

June 27, 2020

Ollari x Common Ground

As a U.S. citizen living in New Delhi India, I know firsthand the lack of resources that low income families have here. Moving to this country 2 years ago, it became my mission to lend a helping hand. In the era of COVID-19 where jobs are on the decline, families are faced with even more difficulty earning to feed themselves and their families.

With our in-stock styles from Serene Safari and Jaisalmer Dreams collections, Ollari is donating 80% of each online sale directly to Common Ground, a home grown initiative that offers food relief to families affected by COVID-19 in New Delhi. If customer’s use the code commonground20 at checkout, they receive 5% off their purchase all while helping those in need.

In times like this, we realise how fortunate we truly are. We can only hope to make a positive impact on those who really need it the most.

Ollari features image of common ground initiative
Ollari features image of common ground donation information

With love and gratitude,

Meagan Ollari

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