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Design Diaries: The Inspiration Behind the New Collection

Design Diaries: The Inspiration Behind the New Collection

When asked “What inspired you for this collection?” I never really have a straight-forward answer, and that’s with most of my collections. It isn’t as easy as drawing a definitive line in the sand. My inspirations come to me from a multitude of sources: ideation, emotion and connection.  It’s a unique pairing of visual stimulation, a sense of practical purpose and an authentic connection that is felt between myself and the women I create for.

Here are some of the major influences that allowed this collection to blossom and come to life:


                         Moodboard for Botanical Rhapsody
Sketches, fabric swatches and embellishments for Botanical Rhapsody

An ode to breezy decadence and tropical femininity.

Inspired by my two favorite color palettes, soothing pastels and contrasting earth tones merged with a personal love for breezy silhouettes, bold prints and unique touches, the newest capsule collections— “Botanical Rhapsody” and “Pastel Gardens” were born. 

Moodboard for Pastel Garden

Deeper connection.

I personally love “easy”dressing. I love waking up throwing on a full look without it having too many moving parts. As women, we want the process of dressing to be simple, yet the results to be fireworks—the grand finale that is. When l was ideating for this new collection, I knew I wanted to embrace effortless chic and timeless decadence with a  glimpse of playful femininity and romance.  I want to give women an easy statement look to pick-out, throw on and “Queen” it out the door.

Timeless. Bold. Elevated. Luxurious. Feminine. Playful

Birthing this collection was as simple as taking what I know best—  East meets West; in rich ethnic craft and practical shape translated into bold ranges of art for the outgoing and admired. Botanical Rhapsody capsule is an upscale version of beachy Goddess wear. Using MOD influences of rope tassels and hand-embellished florals paired back to flowing silhouettes give a sense of opulent ease.  Pattern play in the form of layers & ruffle details comes to life in Pastel Garden with delicate lace trims and hand-beadwork. An adorned version of vacation-wear, this collection can take you from day to night or beach to street. 



Meagan Ollari