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Ollari Talks: Episode 1 "About Ollari"

Ollari Talks: Episode 1 "About Ollari"

Hi All! Welcome to our very first series "Ollari Talks," as I sit down with Ronita Choudhuri and Armadillo Digital to talk about my journey as an entrepreneur, designer and leader. In this episode, I introduce Ollari's brand aesthetic and international DNA along with some additional questions answered below:

Has moving to India altered and/or enhanced your creative vision vs living in New York?

Living in India has made me more resourceful, creative and open as a designer. My creativity really thrives in the depths of fabric, beading, color, culture and humble surroundings here. New York was truly such an exciting, refined and fast paced place to work and “grow up” in the industry; however my ability to ideate fresh concepts felt a bit constricted. I thrive more productively at the true source of my material rather than looking out of a skyscraper.

Has India’s modesty played a role in your Ollari?

I have always been inspired and in awe of global culture— where India in particular has opened my eyes to a much broader customer base for Ollari. Being here has helped me think scalability and expansion, targeting a wider customer base of women looking for modest, sophisticated opulence.
Women around the world are in fact very similar. No matter the country they live, they all have one thing in common: we want to feel beautiful, empowered and comfortable in the clothes we wear. India’s modesty has helped me to think larger than what I had originally planned for Ollari. Women here look for bold yet polished elegance in the clothes they wear and the influence of the country’s culture has reignited the direction I go w