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Getting Real with Our Interns!

Getting Real with Our Interns!

Fear, Excitement and Plans for the Future.

I love my interns, all of them. They bring a fresh perspective to the brand and help to refine my leadership skills all while I train and educate.

Alongside building my childhood dream brand Ollari, I am genuinely passionate about supporting young creatives on the journey to professional career within the fashion space. My interns are provided with core industry exposure, crucial industry knowledge and "real-time" experience that can help build optimal skill-sets required in the industry. My goal is to ensure our young innovators of the future are comfortable, confident, well-versed and prepared in the inner workings of fashion and design.

It's so important to me that I understand their headspace, mindset and perspective views on how they're feeling about the industry and own futures. This helps me to do my part in supporting the vision of their future endeavours in the very sector I have been so professionally entrenched in since 2008.

As the industry evolves and we speak out more and more about integrative wellness and the impact healthy creative habits have on the future of fashion, it is with great purpose and passion that I lend expertise, time and attention to ensuring our future creatives understand the potential of self in all capacities.

Today, we are shedding light on these future powerhouses as we ask each of our adored Ollari 2020 interns the following questions:

- What are you most fearful/excited about during this time as an emerging creative in the fashion industry? 

- Do you have anxiety over the future?

-What have you found helps soothe you the most when you’re stressed out or going through a creative block? 

-What one word phrase sums up your prediction for the future of the fashion industry?

 --Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Doing what?


"I think what scares me the most about entering this industry is the constant innovation and idea-oriented mindset that's required to keep up with everyone. Everything is so strategy-oriented and fast paced nowadays, so it just seems very overwhelming. Although, I am excited to learn from my new mentors and discover where they find their inspiration for new ideas.

I have constant anxiety over the future— I am absolutely one of those people who likes to have everything planned and figured out beforehand. The fact that my future is so unknowing doesn't set well with me at all. Plus, I feel like I'm in that stage of my life where everything is changing as a recent college graduate and it feels like my future is this huge "make or break" deal right now. I've noticed that I'm waiting for this consistent routine before my anxiety decides to let up.

I've found that yoga and meditation really calm my nerves when I'm feeling stressed out or going through a creative block. They tend to really take that cloud that's overriding my consciousness and ability to think clearly and slowly dissolve it.

My word to describe the future of fashion is "hopeful." I'm really starting to see companies take the initiative towards a more sustainable and slow-paced approach. Not only will this give the environment room to breathe—as the textile industry is the number one polluter in the world— but it will also brush off a couple layers of stress that creators of the industry carry with them. Take Kate Spade for example. The industry is really starting to see that there's a problem here and I see it [hopefully] going in the direction of fixing it.

In 10 years, I see myself working for a company that I absolutely love along with great team members. I say that with confidence because that's my main priority— to be happy where I'm at with what I'm doing and who I'm with. Life is way too short to spend 8-hours a day living for a paycheck. I've learned first-hand that money does not indeed buy happiness, nor will it ever."


"I think the most exciting part about this time is starting a career and seeing where my choice will take me in the future with in the fashion industry. Learning more about myself, my strengths, and just seeing where I will fit in.

No one really knows what’s going to happen in a year. Being fresh out of college during this time I have anxiety about finding a job because many companies have halted their hiring process. But I really try not to focus on the uncontrollable at the end of the day you can’t control the uncontrollable. Meditating has really helped me in my creative process giving myself a moment to breathe. I also like to walk away from my computer for a little bit whether thats watching a show, reading, or just walking my dog, doing something where I don’t have to think about what I’m trying to do and clear my head for a bit. 

Change. The way we consume, the way clothes are made, and how we value fashion. I think there is going to be a huge shift in the fashion industry as a whole especially coming out of the pandemic.

I don’t really know what I will be doing tomorrow so thinking about where I will be in 10 years scares me a bit. But I really enjoy product development so I hope with in 10 years I learn more and grow in to the position. But whatever I’m doing and wherever I am I just hope I’m enjoying my job and am happy."


"I am most fearful of being an emerging creative trying to get/find a job during this time but excited that it could lead me to other sides of the industry that I never knew existed. Of course, you never know what crazy thing could happen on a daily basis. One of the go-to things I do to clear my head, is going for a long drive with no destination.

My one word to sum up the future of the fashion industry would be CHANGE!"

In ten years hopefully, I will have a successful brand with a partner creating dope designs for trendy women.”


"As an emerging creative in the fashion industry during this period of time, I’m most excited and fearful at the same time about thinking of the possibilities of being innovative, practical and sustainable for future fashion and finding the ways for their application or execution.

I’m a kind of an creative individual who lives in present having one leg in future and one in past. So, many a times I do get anxious about the uncertainties of future or the unpredictable assumptions trigger me a lot.

I strongly believe in “ The Art of Doing Nothing” which for me means not thinking about anything specifically and giving time wholly to myself . When I face a creative block or feel stress, I take a back seat from that work and indulge in something totally different like dancing or cooking or just sitting idle and thinking about my fantasy world. I think one word phrase that sums up my prediction regarding the future of the fashion industry is “ FASHION AS AN ANTIDOTE TO HUMAN UNCERTAINTIES.

There is a fully planned list to work on in coming years according to which in 10 years I see myself as an successful innovative designer known internationally, owning my brand (start-up) and at the same time investing in an NGO for poor children providing them education and helping them to follow their passion and most importantly living a happy life being a mother to my happily adopted dogs!"


“Well, being an optimist I would say that even though things are not happening as we planned and it's even worse than we imagined but I see an opportunity to grow and flourish in each of my creative areas. In my opinion fighting back through tough time only makes you even more stronger as an individual and the experience you gain at the end of it is always fruitful. So I tend keep my head as clear as crystal about exploring and experimenting with new ideas and having that essence of creativity each day keeps me moving towards  a bright future I want to build for myself.

Of course, I do have anxiety and it's very natural to have anxiety about something you know is very uncertain. Having no clue how things can turn up any moment can be a little stressful but it's always important to remind yourself that we can only control what we have in our hands, so let's just make the best out of it and leave the rest onto the universe.

Meditate, exercise and drink a lot of water. This my soul mantra to get instant boost during a burn out or a creative block. When we are stressed out or have a creative block it's because we're going about something in a loop and we are unable to think beyond that loop which often constrict our ability to think new ideas or even be aware of our own conscious. So to break this ongoing loop just get up have a little walk while reminding yourself that you believe in you and you can do it and have a glass of water to calm down your body. Trust me it helps!

UNITY.  I feel that there will be a time in future where we will give more importance towards caring for the environment, and also it includes anything and everything that is live. So caring for your own fellow beings. There  will be a time where more importance would be given to mental health and overall spiritual growth of individuals because this kind of upbringing can only motivate the right attitude in mass public to care and to nurture for themselves and for the environment. Therefore, slow fashion will be given even more priority than ever before. And all of this can only happen if we as designers or fellow human beings UNITE together for a cause that's going to benefit the whole world.

I see myself in my own little happy life I have had created with my own struggles. I want to be a strong independent business woman paving her own path. XOXO” 


"I am most fearful that I will miss out on important experiences or opportunities because of the pandemic that we are facing right now. I am terrified that over this next year, I will lose sight of what I want to do. Other than what I am fearful of, I am excited to see what I am capable of. I am looking forward to pushing myself to still create the experiences that I may be missing out on. I am excited to see the technological advances that are to come and the new and rising trends and processes that will soon define the fashion industry and allow me to grow as a creative.

I do have anxiety of the future. I have anxiety over the worlds future, my future, and everyone else’s future. Its hard to stay positive and not have anxiety during a tough time like this, but I am hopeful that this is all happening for a good reason and that the world will be better off after everything gets resolved. There is always an anxiety about the future because of the unknown factors that may affect the coming years, but I have faith that I will be a stronger creative and professional and I will push harder to overcome the struggles that we are facing right now." 

What helps me the most when I’m having creative block is to play some relaxing music, focus on my breathing and give myself a break. I get overwhelmed easily which causes me to have creative block. Giving myself the time to take a step away from my work and to clear my mind, allows for my creative process to flow easily again.

Slow-fashion. Over the past decade, fast-fashion has taken over, which has led to the rise in unethical and unsustainable processes and conditions that make up the fashion industry. Over the past year, the awareness of these processes have become more aware to the consumers of the fast-fashion retailers. With this awareness, retailers have started to hold themselves accountable to the damage they are doing to the world. This leads me to the current COVID-19 pandemic conditions and affects on the fashion industry. Due to the fact that manufacturing and consumer experiences have been changing, there has been a realization that the fast-fashion industry isn’t sustainable and its hurting our planet more than we know. So, my prediction can be summed up by the word/phrase slow-fashion because of how the fashion industry is going to evolve over the next decade into a much more sustainable industry overall.

In 10 years, I imagine myself working at a company that I love and that I am passionate about. I picture myself giving people chances to prove themselves and have an opportunity to succeed in the fashion industry. I hope to be living in an amazing area and to be surrounded by friends, family, and colleagues that support me and push me to grow both professionally, and personally."


"I think as an emerging designer in a fashion industry,  I am mostly excited about seeing and gaining experience about industry and learning different tactics of business/firm.

I don’t think I ever had anxiety over the future. Ya but surely, I do get anxious sometimes thinking of my future as a fashion designer.Whenever I find myself in a stress or seek for inspiration, I just go out for a long walk, isolate myself from people— away from all the noise— and lose myself in the beauty of the nature. Let the nature talk to and inspire me.

My one word to sum up the future of the fashion industry would be innovative."

In 10 years, I see myself as an artistic designer working in my little boutique and empowering women."