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Ollari Spotlight: 5 Female Influencers Who Lead With Purpose

Ollari Spotlight: 5 Female Influencers Who Lead With Purpose

Women supporting women is Ollari's motto- and it's especially needed in the world we live in today. Strong, powerful women are a tribe of their own and we need to stick together; so today, we are highlighting 5 admirable female influencers who lead with passion, purpose and significance!



Image retrieved via Instagram / @the_indian_feminist

The Indian Feminist is a platform where two Punjabi women, Harsharin and Simran, surface vital conversations that question the inequalities and traditions that South Asian females experience. Their powerful messages for women equality and empowerment give a kick-ass approach to shutting down taboos, stereotypes and assumptions on women. Living in India myself, I can relate to their passion and hunger to make a difference. Their voices are monumental for the country and its' progression over the years. These are definitely two women I'd love to sit with!



Image retrieved via Instagram / @justinablakeney

Justina Blakeney— designer, artist, NY Times bestselling author, loving mama, entrepreneur— shall I go on? This woman truly conquers it all. She is everything that Ollari embodies and more: creativity, female empowerment and a connection to ones self as well as with others. She is the founder of plant-loving lifestyle brand, The Jungalow, whose mission is to inspire you to tap into your own creativity, connect with nature at home and help you to bring good vibes home.




Image retrieved via Instagram / @disfunkshionmag

Founded by Hugette Montesinos-Rodriquez, Disfunkshion Magazine is a multi genre lifestyle magazine that embraces imperfection and takes a holistic approach to conscious, joyful living as well as celebrating women worldwide. Her mission is to encourage others to embrace resilience, freedom and joy in the midst of chaos and imperfection. The naturally beautiful, capable and fearless women who follow this mission are exactly who Ollari aims to dress. Through the element of sophisticated sex appeal, our purpose is to uplift modern-day women to feel beautiful, well-traveled and fearless.




Image retrieved via Instagram / @jasminealley

Jasmine Alley is a wanderlust goddess who one day decided to quit her 9-5 job and travel the world— in style! Her goal is to teach and inspire others to explore the world around them even if they hold a full-time job.

"So don’t be discouraged by job limitations. You can see the world, let me show you how it’s possible!"

Jasmine's blog is the ultimate go-to guide for any traveller looking for an adventure— whether it be local or international. She also posts tips within her "Instagram Travel Guide" on how to become a successful travel blogger much like herself so that, you too, could potentially quit your day job and explore the world.




Image retrieved via Instagram / @sariniabryant

Sarinia Bryant is a leading woman whose mission to teach females the significance of having self love and conscious relationships with others. She touches on topics pertaining to body image, spirituality, intimacy, and most importantly, the surfacing of love within yourself. She is the embodiment of the phrase "you must love yourself before you can love somebody else."

Ollari is proud to shine the spotlight on these 5 female influencers who are leading with a purpose and creating a more hopeful future for women.



Meagan Ollari